We Are Diverse, Inclusive, Sustainable & Safe.

We Are Diverse, Inclusive, Sustainable & Safe

Being you @ Wittering SUP

You are welcome here. Our aim is to ensure a safe and accessible way for every being to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of stand-up paddleboarding regardless of race, religion, size, gender, sexual orientation or disability. If you feel that you or a loved one’s neurodiversity or disability might impact your SUP adventure, please talk to us so that we can curate a plan and a safe space for you.

Cost of living shouldn't be a cost of wellbeing

We're all feeling the pinch in one way or another, it's been tricky for everyone for a while now but it's times like these that we often need the most help and support with our mental health. We genuinely don't want money to be the reason people can't experience the benefits of spending quality family time, away from stress, close to nature. If you or someone you know are genuinely struggling to afford so-called 'luxuries' like this then please reach out to us, we will do our best to make this affordable for you so you and your kids don't have to miss out when you might benefit from it the most. No judgement here, just compassion and always in complete confidence.

Leave no trace

We are lucky to be part of an already eco-aware industry but that doesn’t stop us from making the best efforts to reduce our footprint where we can. We are digital for the most part, only using paper when necessity dictates and we only buy robust equipment that is built to last with as many recyclable components as possible from manufacturers that share our philosophy.

SUP safety standards

We put our customer safety ahead of everything else. We are passionate about this issue and our responsibility to do all we can to teach SUP safety and raise awareness at every opportunity. As an ASI SUP school, we adhere to the ASI SUP Safety Standards and advise on the committee, helping to lead the way in keeping paddleboarders safe.

Taking care of the environment

We are passionate about making long-term changes to the quality of our rivers and inland waterways, especially the beautiful river Avon, one of Worcestershire’s most beautiful natural environments. This is not something we can change overnight but by working with Severn Trent and their “River Rangers”, the Avon Navigation Trust, DEFRA, the Environment Agency, the local council and the RSPCA we can help to make our rivers cleaner and safer for us and the aquatic life, safer for the livestock grazed on the banks and safer for future generations. We hope over the next 5 years to become ambassadors for safe inland bathing waters in our area, and we offer an ‘Open Water Swimming Skills & Safety Awareness Course’ to help people make informed decisions about using their inland waterways and how to stay safe whilst enjoying the open water. We also share tips and tools to let them know what they can do to drive forward change. We believe that education is the key to a greener, safer tomorrow.

Stand up For Nature

As part of our ‘Stand Up For Nature’ campaign, every ticket sold contributes towards our regular donations to the local Kemerton Conservation Trust which works tirelessly to protect and support our beautiful local landscape and its wildlife.

Where are we headed?

You never know what might be around the bend in the river (that's what makes it so much fun) but we do know that our goals are to amplify the mental health benefits of what we do allied to the health of the local environment. At some point, we expect to rebrand to Wittering Wellness; with SUP, swimming, yoga, MBCT and environmental awareness working together towards the wellness of both our customers and the environment. Fancy a paddle?


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