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Introduction to Open Water Swimming

Have you ever wanted to confidently swim outdoors? Dip your toe with our Introduction to Open Water Swimming session, lead by STA Level 2 Open Water Swim Coach, Alex Wittering

We are passionate about the water, the environment and helping people develop the skills, safety awareness and confidence to experience the UK’s stunning inland waterways.

Maybe you have never tried it before but have always dreamed of just jumping in? Perhaps you have swum outdoors before and want to learn more about transitioning your swimming skills into the great outdoors? Put simply, open water (wild) swimming is a relaxing, yet challenging activity that fully immerses you in nature; improving your mental and physical health whilst boosting your confidence and your resilience.

We have designed a range of classes to get you outdoors, becoming fitter, seeing the world from a new perspective and amplifying your wellness. Open water swimming is booming in popularity as more people experience the benefits of this accessible form of self-therapy.

Please note: This session is a pre-requisite before booking onto our Open Water Swimming Skills & Safety Awareness 3 day Course :)

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Stand up For Nature
Every ticket sold contributes towards our regular donations to the local Kemerton Conservation Trust; the custodians of our beautiful local landscape and it's wildlife. Together we will stand up for nature.

What you'll be doing...
Dip your toe into the world of open water swimming with our introductory lesson. This class is designed for those who are new to open water swimming and would like to learn in a safe and supportive environment, and for those who have swum a bit in open water and would like to learn more about safety and technique. We know that the open water can feel daunting but you will never be left alone; during the swim your instructor will be on the safety boat (paddleboard) so should you get tired or feel challenged there will always be an option to return to the board for a rest. During your one hour introduction we will;

During your one hour introduction we will:
  • Meet and greet at the Sailing Club, lots of smiles and high-fives 😃
  • Enjoy an open discussion on safety covering the risks, hazards, equipment and safety protocol.
  • Learn about different types of water, our legal access rights and when is it safe to swim.
  • Discover what resources are available to help us stay safe.
  • Opportunity for a pre-swim Q&A
  • Entry to the water at your own pace, with plenty of guidance and support in a small group
  • A few fun excercises such as treading water and optional head/face submersion.
  • 20 - 40 mins guided swim at your own pace with support throughout; managing fears and challenges whilst improving stroke technique.
  • Learn how to safely exit the water followed by your debriefing and more high-fives all around before you hit the hot showers!

  • Activity duration: approximately 1hr.
    Location: Arden Sailing Club , Defford.
    Ages 10+ (under 16s with a guardian).
    Maximum group size of 6
    All participants must be able to swim confidently in a pool.
    Cost: £35 per person | Available as a 1-2-1 session (£60)

    Additional Information

    1On-site facilities
    Wittering SUP/Yoga/Swim HQ is based at Arden Sailing Club where we have toilets, changing rooms, light refreshments, picnic tables and secure parking onsite.
    2Required Equipment
    Swimming costume/old clothes/wetsuit Water shoes or a pair of old trainers Change of clothes (When you emerge from the water, even on a hot day you can experience an “after drop” in your body temperature, it is really important to bring something warm to wear) Towel We will provide you with a brightly coloured tow float, this is essential open water swim gear and we recommend that you get one if you are planning on swimming in open water.
    3What should you wear?
    Between April and mid May you will need to wear a wetsuit which you will need to provide yourselves. From Mid May onwards wetsuits are optional, the water will steadily climb to its peak in August of around 18 degrees where it will stay until the end of September. During the warmer months I recommend just a swimming costume or leggings and a t-shirt if you prefer. If you have any circulation problems neoprene gloves can be very helpful and water shoes are a must (old trainers will do in a pinch). When we meet we will discuss this as part of our initial briefing and make sure you are kitted out appropriately.
    4Recommended Equipment
    Goggles (if you wear contact lenses it is advisable to wear goggle during your swim) Swim hat Ear plugs (if you have inner ear issues these can be really helpful) Neoprene gloves Please arrive 15 mins prior to your session time in order that you can get changed into your gear.
    5Feeling a little unsure?
    New skills outside of our comfort zone can always seem a little daunting, but we are always SO much more capable than we think we are. We are passionate about making sure everybody feels safe, confident and happy with their experience; our approach is gentle, supportive and compassionate and you have nothing to worry about; we’ll look after you :)
    6Refund & Cancellation Policy
    We have to plan ahead and session spaces are limited so we offer a full refund if you notify us of your cancellation 2 weeks before your session or a 50% refund a week before your booked session (gift voucher sessions are non-refundable). We only operate under the safest conditions, as such if the weather (wind), or water (flow/flood) conditions are not appropriate for beginner’s lessons we will notify you and arrange a more suitable date for your experience.

    Thank you Alex and James for a brilliant introduction to open water swimming. The programme was just right; a great introduction with the option to practice a variety of swims and the element of challenge and excitement, and being part of a lovely group! It was well supported, friendly and had a welcoming non-competitive atmosphere. The venue goes without saying how stunningly beautiful it is and the perfect setting. I would wholeheartedly recommend swimming with Alex, she helps you overcome any fears you may have about outdoor swimming while still making you aware of the risks.


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