Hosted by James & Alex Wittering, this nourishing SUP yoga & mindfulness day retreat will be all about you. Yoga on the lawn, guided mindfulness meditations, SUP yoga, swimming and healthy, local food. Step out of your busy life and resource yourself in a supportive, tranquil, beautiful outdoor space.

Feel like you need to press the reset button? Join us for our brand new SUP yoga retreat days in partnership with the Chipping Norton Lido. Tucked away in the heart of this traditional Cotswold town the “Chippy Lido” has been serving the local community since 1970. Surrounded by lawns and trees, it has the feel of a secluded oasis and will be all ours for the day.

This is a completely beginner-friendly retreat and all our activities will provide opportunities both for experienced yogis to deepen their practice and beginners to move at their own pace.

Your retreat hosts:

Alex is an ASI-accredited SUP Yoga instructor, a qualified yoga teacher and an STA open water swim coach and will be leading your retreat.

James is an ASI-accredited technical SUP coach and MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) teacher.

A unique & intimate day retreat

You may already know that we are not about big groups and this retreat is no exception. With just twelve spaces available this retreat is a unique and intimate event, giving you the space to reconnect with your body and mind at your own pace. We will provide a supportive, peaceful environment for you to deepen your practice, learn and move at your own pace or simply take the time to listen to your body and give it what it needs. Small groups mean that we all have the time and space to get to know each other, to listen mindfully and to ensure that everybody feels included, safe and welcome. We love being present with our guests and we will have the space and time to encourage, support and answer any questions individually so that you get everything you can from the day.

Our retreat itinerary for the day

10:30am  Settling in and making new friends :)

10:45 - 11:45am: Introduction to Mindfulness

11 45- 12:15pm: Break for a smoothie and a snack

12:15 - 13:30pm: Opening with a Yang to Yin Vinyasa yoga

13:30 - 14:30pm Break for a seasonal, locally sourced lunch 

14:30 - 15:30pm - Group 1: Free time, swim, rest, read and resource yourself

14:30 - 15:30pm - Group 2: SUP Yoga

15:30 - 17:00pm - Group 1: SUP Yoga

15:30 - 17:00pm - Group 2: Free time, swim, rest, read and resource yourself

Hot showers, change and a comforting, homemade hot lemon and ginger drink

Nourishing, guided activities in a private, beautiful setting

We will meet and greet at the Lido at 10:30 am and open the day with our mindfulness workshop where you'll learn what mindfulness is and where it originated, followed by some guided practices and exercises to give you some useful tools to work more gently with and respond more wisely to the difficulties we face in everyday life. Our practice is evidence-based, non-secular and respectful of all faiths and belief systems.

After a delicious seasonal smoothie or Juice and a light snack we will enjoy a flowing 'yang to yin' vinyasa session that starts with invigorating flowing asanas and flows into deep yin stretches, preparing the body and mind for the rest of the day.  

Lunch will be seasonal, locally sourced, vegan and gluten-free (not to mention healthy and delicious). If you have any other dietary requirements please get in touch and we will make arrangements for you. 

After lunch, we will mindfully head out onto the water for 90 mins of SUP yoga. Once safely anchored on your board in the crystal clear, heated water of the lido we will follow a flowing sequence of postures similar to those we practiced in the morning and with lots of options and variations. Moving your practice out onto the water really helps to draw the focus inwards, challenge the body, focus the mind and take notice of the changes that take place in your body and mind once you are floating! Two groups will take turns with this activity and when you are not doing SUP yoga you are free to rest, read and resource yourself in these beautiful, relaxing surroundings.

At the end of your sequence, there will be time to try any asanas that you would like and may not have had a chance to, to challenge yourself perhaps, and to have a photo taken if you would like.

Afterwards, we will shower and change and enjoy a hot lemon and ginger before departing. 

Activity duration: 7hrs approximately
Location: Chipping Norton Lido
Ages 16+ (under 18s with a guardian)
Maximum group size of 12
All participants must be able to swim 50m.
Cost: £160 per person 

Sample Menu

Cucumber & Spinach Smoothie
An all-natural smoothie to resource you for the day's activities with cucumber and spinach, apple, frozen mango, fresh root ginger and a hint of peppermint and no added sugar.
For lunch
Lemony Roasted Asparagus: with new potatoes and petit pois. Served with a spinach, tarragon and parsley salad and a soft boiled free range egg.
Hot drinks to keep your insides toasty and refreshed
Fresh lemon, ginger and honey tea

All our ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced where possible and prepared for you fresh at the cafe on site. Our retreat menu is always designed to provide you with healthy nourishment that doesn't compromise on deliciousness!

Additional Information

1On-site facilities
Free parking, hot showers, toilets, disabled access, cafe, swimming pool, seating, covered area.
2What is included?
We will provide you with all the equipment necessary for your retreat, including mats, blocks, straps and of course your paddle board. You only need to bring yourselves but if there is anything you would like to bring with you for your own comfort then please do. If you like to read, then why not bring a book to read in your free time? Or indeed knitting, a crossword puzzle, origami - whatever helps you to relax and nourishes you.
3What should you wear?
Because we will be in and out of the water all day I recommend at least 2 bathing costumes so that you can change out of a wet one and into a dry one for comfort. If you do not want to practise SUP yoga in your bathing clothes you can practise in your normal yoga gear (light quick drying and flexible items such as leggings, sports tops etc) Make sure you have a towel, a change of clothes and perhaps a swim hat and goggles if you intend to swim. Plan ahead for the weather on your day - if the sun is shining bring sunblock and a bottle of water to keep with you. A hat can be really helpful to keep the sun out of your eyes whilst still allowing you free movement (sunglasses not so much). On cooler days be sure to bring plenty of extra layers and maybe a spare towel or dry robe if you have one.
4Feeling a little unsure?
New skills outside of our comfort zone can always seem a little daunting, but we are always SO much more capable than we think we are. We are passionate about making sure everybody feels safe, confident and happy with their experience; our approach is gentle, supportive and compassionate and you have nothing to worry about; we’ll look after you :)
5Refund & Cancellation Policy
We have to plan ahead and session spaces are limited so we offer a full refund if you notify us of your cancellation 2 weeks before your session or a 50% refund a week before your booked session (gift voucher sessions are non-refundable). We only operate under the safest conditions, as such if the weather (wind), or water (flow/flood) conditions are not appropriate for beginner’s lessons we will notify you and arrange a more suitable date for your experience.